Organza bags and Jewellery Care

                                                     Organza bags and Jewellery care.             

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Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are one of a girls favourite things, personally I have lost count of the amount of jewellery I have in my jewellery boxes. My extreme love for jewellery allows me keeping designing jewellery and also spending money on buying those I can’t take my eyes off once I step into a jewellery store or even in the local market. We can all boast of having loads or little jewellery but the most important question is- are you taking care of your jewellery? I have a friend who had loads of beautiful and expensive jewellery which she bought for her wedding, I had the privilege of being with her when she was getting her things set out- what caught my eye was where she got the jewellery from—take a guess? She got it from a pile of other beaded jewellery all tangled up together!!

On seeing this sorry sight for her care of her jewellery- I screamed! Yes I screamed! Why? Because

  1. Her wedding jewellery is very expensive- am talking about white gold here costing several of thousands of Naira
  2. They were all tangled up with very inexpensive beads in a little pouch

I expected her to get a special jewellery box or a pouch just for her wedding jewellery

I also expected her to keep each piece of jewellery in separate pouches (e.g. earrings and bracelet I a single pouch and a necklace in a single pouch) and I also expected all single pouches be kept in one big pouch- housing all jewellery.

I suggest keeping your jewellery in pouches because of the following reasons-

They are in expensive and very affordable- you can get a pouch for as low as 100naira in the market. Pouches come in different fabric- I would suggest getting an organza or chiffon pouch as against a velvet pouch because velvet is more expensive

  1. They are easy to carry about- if you are one who loves to wear your jewellery at the venue of the party or one who is always in a haste when leaving for an event. All you need is grab your jewellery in your organza pouch and dash out the door. Though I would advise you double check you have hooks for your earrings in the pouch too! This is because I have been many times a victim of dashing out with my jewellery pouch only to realize I have no hooks included in the pouch…well I guess we know how that story ends *long face* I end up at the event with no earrings due to my forgetfulness to include hooks a night before!
  2. They are easy to maintain- all you need to do is add some hand wash or detergent such as Ariel or Omo or Persil into a bowl of warm water, dip your pouches inside and wiggle for a bit. Rinse in cold water, hang and allow to dry.

I hope you enjoyed the article and now know how to care for your jewellery in a more affordable and easy way.

Till we speak again next week—when we shall be talking about “How to care for your different types of jewellery”

Have a lovely day.


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Flourish & Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation

I have been designing jewelry on and off now for over five years, while juggling other job roles and activities in my life. I love designing and teaching jewelry because it brings my fulfilment of purpose.

Right now in my jewelry business, am presently rebranding my jewelry line to a new audience and also trying to build a jewelry academy with a vision to teach jewelry in a fun and professional way. I have my website been developed and also some social media presence, however its not going as fast I wish it to be.

I am very hopefully that by mid year I would be more joyful about meeting my goals and things I have set out to achieve in my business this year. I also constantly have the fear of not succeeding as much as I want constantly holding me back, the constant voices that say my designs might not be good enough and probably won’t make as much sales as other lines when compared.

I want to build a jewelry academy which teaches world class jewelry designers to people and also teaches them how to start their own business in jewelry. I want to teach, motivate and encourage others to build, sell and enjoy jewelry in every possible way.

I want to write books of jewelry design, jewelry consultation, my love for jewelry, how i made my first million dollars from jewelry design and how to make it in jewelry business no matter your level or training.

Biggest desire is to teach jewelry in over 5 countries, to teach jewelry making online, to help people build their business around their lives and to live successfully.




Welcome to My Jewelry World

Hey lovelies!

I would like to start out by thanking you for visiting my blog! I am here to write about all things related to jewelry.

Let me tell you a little about myself before we start *winks* I Started designing jewelry over 5 years ago and fell passionately in love with it. My favorite types of jewelry ever are fresh water pearls.

I love them because they exude elegance, class and simplicity when wore.. Now back to myself..hehehe

I love making jewelry and all things fabulous! I am here to teach you how to make really nice projects and collections.

And if you are thinking of starting a jewelry business, let me say you are in the right place!!

Together we going to learn how to create, design and sell jewelry to the world…We are more importantly going to inspire each other (yes! you and I) to create all things fabulous!!

Sooooo yet once again! Welcome! And as my culture would say “Ekaabo”

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